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Die Block Out Material

Regular price $14.83

  • Die Blockout Material | 10g
  • Accelerator Spray | 2oz (59ml)
  • Accelerator Refill | 16 oz (473ml)


The ZBase material is designed to block out voids and undercuts, while retaining the ability to be molded and shaped, then cured with Accelerator.

The viscous, full bodied material flows like wax and is easily contoured. The precision applicator promotes pin-point accuracy, while the blue color identifies the corrected anomaly.

ZBase simplifies die repairs and preparation by filling in voids and undercuts, ensuring master model accuracy. The resinous gel flows like wax and is easily contoured.

ZBase Accelerator Refill w/ spray bottle, 16 oz. Blockout Material, 10 g. Die Block Out Material
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