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We know that in order to refresh, we must cut across a current state of being.  In other words, to interrupt somebody’s day in a positive way, value creation must be intrusive.

To accomplish this, we need a vision for what is possible, a conventional experience to overturn, and an unsuspecting value to get us there.  

Status Quo

Recognizing conventional market
behavior that will become the
catalyst and departure point
for the value disruption.


The rebellious execution that
overturns the status quo
with delightful value that the
market does not expect.


Vision is the shaping force
that imagines what can be
possible with a precise
value target in mind.

R x D : Refreshing by Design

R x D (Refreshing by Design) is Harvest Dental’s radically open and creative design practice, aimed at bringing charismatic products to market by identifying and owning the moments that matter on the bench. 


1. CONVENTION HUNTINGHunt for status quo product category behavior to find the next catalyst for creative rupture. Once the ‘box’ is identified, we learn it well so we can think outside of it.

2. FORMULATE THE VISIONWe question current value expectations and assumptions to imagine new invigorating realities in product and human behavior. Where can the brand go?

3. CREATE THE DISRUPTIONFrom the Vision, we design, simplify and execute the new product towards the execution of the brand promise.

It’s a methodology

R x D is a methodology, a way of thinking, and a state of mind.  It’s a manner of questioning the way things are, of breaking from what has been done and seen, and of rejecting the status quo.

Because to conform is to go unnoticed.

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