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TriVest Plungers

Press Plungers, disposable

Regular price $75.25

  • Disposable Plunger 13mm | Bx/50


When we hear the word ‘disposable,’ certain and clear associations come to mind. The goal of TriVest is to overturn this thought with a premium, one-time use pressing plunger.

TriVest Disposable Plungers are meticulously processed, and precision machined to feature beveled, rounded edges on both sides for bi-directional pressing.

TriVest Plungers are made of a strong, durable investment material that won’t break down. The plungers are synergized to work with leading investment materials on the market.

TriVest Plunger, Disposable 13mm, Bx/50. Press Plunger, disposable
TriVest Plungers
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