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Dura Pattern LC

Light Cure Pattern Resin

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  • Syringes | 3 x 3g
  • DuraPattern LC Paste | Blue 30g


Dura Pattern is a one component pattern resin. No mixing, no monomer, just a flowable modeling gel that is easy to control and burns out clean. Use for detailed cast & press patterns, attachments units and implant jigs.

Ready to use, one-component pattern resin.
Gel stays where it’s put. No running, no mess.
Distribution is easy to control.
Works long > 20 min.
Cures short < 5 min.

Universal curing units (320mm – 500mm)
Dimensionally stable and does not shrink.
Strong and not brittle.
Easy to grind and contour.
Burns out clean.
Use with conventional wax.
Fume and scent free.

DuraPattern LC Flow, 3 x 3 g Syringes. Light Cure Modeling Composite
Dura Pattern LC
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