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Ceramic Mixing Palette

Regular price $395.15

  • Tray by Harvest
  • Tray Wetting Strips | 10/pk


Tray by Harvest starts with a single block of aluminum, precision milled by CNC to its large design of 12.5 by 8.5 in. The careful thought-out selection of metal was chosen due to its prestigious elements and authoritative weight.

The internal reservoir system features a canal track machined by CNC right into the aluminum base. The design promotes optimal water flow, as the pre-measured bottle dispenses the right amount of water to eliminate excess and mess.

Beautiful black pearl glass, encased in a light and smooth aluminum base, brings to the category a flat-out stunning achievement, and a mixing tray that has no respect for the status quo.

Tray by Harvest, Kit. Ceramic Mixing Palette.
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