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Debubblizer for Model & Press

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  • Spray | 8 oz (236ml)
  • Refill | 32oz (946ml)


Harvest Surfactant does wonders for pressing. The alcohol-free solution is gentle on investments, ensuring precise cavitation and extra super sharp margins. Press wax into e.max® or Initial® with ease.

Harvest Surfactant unifies the hydrophobic mismatch between waxes & investment, and impressions & stone, becoming the ultimate peacemaker to surface tension.

Gypsum will flow into the thinnest areas resulting in hi- definition master modeling. Surfactant is compatible with the leading gypsums and resins stones on the market. Pour bubble-free models with any impression material.

Harvest Surfactant Refill w/ empty spray, 32 oz. Wetting Agent. Debubblizer
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