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The Harvest mark was given an aesthetic and functional redesign, thus transporting the brand’s DNA into the present.

Logo Philosophy

To make the brand’s thought leadership visible, and remind the market of its purpose, inspiration and expression.

Logo Objective

To formulate a new Harvest visual design system that embodies who we are in form and content that is minimal, distinct and hard working.

Logo Vision

Design a symbol that will optimally allow cross media adaptability and clarity to the Harvest brand promise.

Logo Execution

The font was refined, and the visual elements geometrically aligned, giving the brand a valuable refresh.


The Attention Logo is a unique icon, carefully constructed to maintain ownable characteristics while allowing us to convey narrative in an instant – globally. 


The Signature Logo is a wordmark vital to establishing brand awareness, while offering equal weighting and a clear, guided relationship with the Attention Logo.


The Signature Leaf in dual have the flexibility to be pulled out as standalone elements, scaled as a texture, scaled up and cropped for extractions, or a mask and screen.

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