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Ceramic Modeling Fluid

Regular price $78.43

  • Kit | 250ml Fluid + 10ml Add
  • 250ml Fluid
  • Add | 10ml


CeraFirm is a glycol-free liquid for use with high-fusing and low fusing ceramics to provide creamy viscosity, dense homogeneity, and astounding workability. Ceramic stays where it’s put.

The wet ceramic is totally submitted to the artist; so much so ceramic figurines are now possible. While Fluid offers incredible control, increase firmness drop by drop with CeraFirm Add.

Extremely firm ceramic mixes and lowest possible shrinkage for all HF and LF ceramics. Easy to layer with different consistencies. Structures are obtained when "over-layering“, create structures and texture even before baking.

Cerafirm Fluid - Universal Ceramic Mixing Liquid, 250 ml, Modeling fluid for Ceramic
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