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P3 Polish

HP Polisher for Zirconia & Lisi

Regular price $38.15

  • Point | 5.5 x 15.0mm
  • Small Disc | 17.0 x 2.6mm
  • Large Disc | 26.0 x 1.3mm
  • Knife Edge Disc | 26.0 x 1.0mm


The moment you try P3 on ZR, LiSi or ceramic, is the moment you’ll realize just how peaceful polishing can be.

A simple, 1-step approach to the perfect final surface you’re looking for. With slight pressure, control reduction, shine, and luster on Zirconia and e.max® with just one tool.

The polisher market is chaotic and confusing. P3 stands for simplicity and peace.

P3 Polish.Point, Disc. e.max & Zirconia for Shine & Polish
P3 Polish
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