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“Kill Your Ego.”

Jungo Endo R.D.T.

Jungo Endo Dental Studio, California, USA

Living in Flow

Some would call it ‘being in the zone.’

Flow is where awareness, challenge, potential and execution meet to manifest the best version of you in whatever it is you are doing.

You are totally connected to the task at hand, where distractions fade and time stands still.

For Harvest, it’s an honor to introduce you to Jungo Endo, whose philosophy of Flow we share, and in this issue, proudly share with you.

Life is made of moments, and each moment is connected.

Here’s to living in Flow.

Flow is Connection.

“Every area of my life brings balance and creates momentum.

If I’m making music, doing martial arts, or building up ceramic, each one I connect with is the same. It’s like a circle with points. Everything is connected.

I cannot separate dental technology as just a job. No…this is my life.”.

Kill Your Ego.

“In Jiu-jitsu, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, how famous you are, or how good you are.

On the mat, you cannot hide anything. You, and everyone else, will know who you are.”



Freedom“Open space gives total freedom, and brings into focus only the objects of experience and culture I want to create.

You have to know your ‘Why’, so you can s vay ‘no’ to everything else.”



”When I’m at my bench, everything that surrounds me – the instruments, the materials – they have a purpose.

I create my surroundings. My vibe.

When I’m working, I want my vision and thoughts to be clear like water.”



“I am one with my work and my materials. They are all connected like the parts of my body. I know them, how they work and why they work.

My materials are very important to me and for this reason, I will not change.”


Connection Tray by Harvest

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