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Harvest Esthetic DCL Denture

CAD Tooth Polymer, Gradient (formally Temp Esthetic PMMA)

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Composed in 13 layers of natural gradients, Temp Esthetic offers a natural and harmonious journey through cervical to incisal for beautiful and natural looking teeth.

"Rejuvenating a Patient’s smile is a great privilege and absolute joy. It’s the reason why we exist.Thanks to Temp Esthetic, we help the Patient with their provisional smile, while you create their everlasting one." ~ Jack Marrano CDT

As strong as a ‘premium denture tooth,’ Temp Esthetic is a double cross link (DCL) polymer. Making it the ideal solution for esthetic, screw retained restorations on implants.

Harvest Esthetic Denture + Temp PMMA  98, Multi-layer PMMA, Model by Jack Marrano
Harvest Esthetic DCL Denture
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