HP Contour for Zirconia & LISI

Performs with a soft touch.
Loaded with Diamond.
Takes all the heat.
Performs with a soft touch.
Loaded with Diamond.
Takes all the heat.
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Contour Zirconia & e.max®
High grinding performance is the result of minimal pressure, while the special engineered binder takes all the heat.  Optimize at 15,000-20,000 rpm.
A Cool Grind.
What makes YelloStone different is the binder, and what you’ll notice is that the binder absorbs all of the heat, keeping the crown cool.
The moment YelloStone softly touches the form of Zirconia, lithium disilicate or ceramic, freedom to contour will emerge.
YelloStone Disc
22.0 x 4.5 mm
The long-lasting diamond tool ensures a gentle and smooth grinding reduction of all ceramic surfaces to full contour.
YelloStone Disc
15.0 x 3.5mm
High content of fine diamond particle provide a sense of control as it efficiently removes material.
YelloStone Lens
22.0 x .07 mm
While the binder system absorbs all the heat, fractures are eliminated as the crown stays cool. 
YelloStone Barrel
5.0 x 13 mm
The diamond and abrasive matrix boats a long effective lifespan, delivering up to 5 times the life of other brands. 
YelloStone Cone
4.0 x 10.5 mm
Finally, these instruments are excellent for fine tuning margins, removing connectors, and refining.


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