Wax Press

CAD Pressing Wax, Carvable

Strong & stable.
Harmonious & versatile.
Efficient & precise.
Strong & stable.
Harmonious & versatile.
Efficient & precise.
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Wax Press
Bridging the digital and analog divide.
Addition Wax for Wax Press CAD
Addition Wax is an optimized hand modeling wax formulation that has been designed to connect with Wax Press CAD for easy and effective post modeling of milled Wax Press restorations.
Think of Unity.
The perfect symbiosis of a strong and smoothly milled wax pattern, and a premium, adaptable hand wax matching in both color and adaptation, for harmonious post-milled adjustments.
Esthetics – It’s in our DNA.
An inspired collaboration with Dr. Bob Winter of Spear, the vision was to see the digital wax category through a histo-anatomic lens.

For high-end presentation cases in two easy steps, Wax Press CAD leads to a precisely milled dentine shade that can be cut back to a histo-anatomic state.

The Clear Incisal Addition Wax can now be overlaid to reproduce natural looking dentition in wax form. We live in a world of esthetics. 
Work by Dr. Robert Winter.
“I will always be an Artist."

Wax Press
It’s the digital waxing process, synergized. 
Wax Press ADD
A premium hand modeling wax scientifically aligned with the machinable wax formula to offer a seamless connection between the two waxes in both color and adaptation.
To order Addition Wax, Click Here.
Wax Press CAD
A unique and proprietary blend of natural and synthetic waxes obsessed with offering the perfect balance of high- speed milling and intricate hand carving.


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Wax Press