TriLor Arch

Techno-Polymer Framework

Characteristics of natural bone.
Metal-free restorative solution.
Lightweight, durable and resilient.
Characteristics of natural bone.
Metal-free restorative solution.
Lightweight, durable and resilient.
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High Performance Polymer
TriLor Arch®
Designed by Bioloren, Italy.
TriLor® Goes Analog.
The award winning, FDA approved high-performance polymer TriLor® is now available in a preformed Arch for simple and easy Analog processing of metal-free implant supported bars with the simplicity of a handpiece, right at your bench.
Permanent Full Arch, Toronto, Partial or total mobile prosthesis with attachments, Reinforced bar on implants for immediate or deferred load.
Strong & Natural.
Resembling the natural flex and load parameters of natural bone, TriLor® is a biomimetic framework that boasts enormous strength, is extremely lightweight (up to 5 times lighter than metal) and features extremely low water absorption.
TriLor® Proof Points
When it comes to the validity of using a TriLor® Arch, the proof points are overwhelming, starting with the natural wearing comfort of the patient, the biocompatibility of metal-free prosthetics, and its absorption of human masticatory forces.
TriLor® Best in Class.
Below you will see a material comparison including the conventional materials currently on the market.  Data and mechanical properties provided by various brochures of different manufacturers.  Testing methods used may differ slightly.  How does TriLor® stack up?
TriLor® Optimized.
The flat arch shape of TriLor® Arch allows the creation of connection structures between implant abutments or reinforcement structures.  For best results, please download and adhere to TriLor Arch Manual located in the Resources section below. 
H 3,5 mm
Suggested for the solidarization of transfers and for immediate structures. This Arch cannot be modified in thickness, but in width only.
H 5,5 mm
Standard height, which will prove suitable for most height and width framework and structure requirements.
H 7,5 mm
Suggested for those cases where it is necessary to model the framework due to the angled implants or implants positioned at different heights.


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