Mentors Those who inspire us
For all of us, our human nature – our very existence - depends on our ability to seek, find and align ourselves with people who believe what we believe.  We were created for community – to do life with people with whom we share a common set of values and beliefs.

This page is dedicated to those who inspire us – first, because of who they are as people,  and second, because of who they are as leaders. We need them first for friendship, then for product input, knowledge and perspective.

These are our mentors.  
Frank Acosta AA Dental Designs
Daniel Alter
Panaghiotis Bazos Bazos Orthodontics
Jessica Birrell Capture Dental Arts
Jay Black Winter Springs Dental Laboratory
Lee Culp Sculpture Dental Studio
Elizabeth Curran
Arian Deutsch Deutsch Dental Arts
Jungo Endo Oral Design Hermosa Beach
Sascha Hein Bio Emulation
Fechmi Housein Zahntechnik
Lucas Lammott M31 Dental Studio
Simone Maffei Laboratorio Odontotechnico Maffei
Miladinov Milos Dentaltech Labor
Neal Patel Infinite Smiles CeramiQ Studio
Peter Pizzi Pizzi Dental Studio
Joshua Polansky Niche Dental Studio
Juan Rego Smile Designs by Rego
Nelson Rego Smile Designs by Rego
Matt Roberts CMR Dental Laboratory
Guillayme Sabatheir Atalier Dentaire
Thomas Sing Oral Design- Thomas Stefan Sing
Susan Van Kinsbergen Dental Arts Laboratories
Javier Vasquez Oral Design Miami
Daniel Vasquez
Thomas Zaleske Matrix Dental Laboratory