A brand is like a person
The brand is like a person. The shape carries the whole substance of who we are.  It’s the difference you notice in our expression, thought and being.

A carefully articulated road map is paramount to executing on the proof points that define the Harvest brand promise.
The role of a brand is to bring focus, meaning, coherence and shape.
Our Brand
Who we are
Brand Purpose
Our reason for being
To refresh and inspire
Brand Vision
Who we want to be
To find, intercept and own the
moments that matter on the bench.
Brand Values
Our core beliefs and convictions
Quality is a feeling
Surprise & Delight
Creative & Rebellious
Inspire & Empower
Brand Principles
The rules of brand behavior
No respect for the status quo
Create value where value doesn't exist
Inspire generously with idea and thought
Brand Strategy
Our methodology and operating system
Identify market conventions to differentiate against
Formulate a vision on what can be possible
Execute the disruption with a refreshing value
Brand Expression
Where our brand comes to life
Product & Behavioral Innovation
Thought Leadership & Content
Creative Marketing & Storytelling
Human Interaction & Engagement